16 December 2008

Mort Subite Framboise

One might think I had enough of Belgian brews after the Chimay experience, however I couldn't resist this second example of brewer's madness. Once again, this beer is from Belgium and once again it is sealed in a wine-style bottle with a champagne-calibre cork. Taking my last experience into consideration, I did not reach for the magnum this time. From my knowledge based on past experiences with Belgian beers, I assumed that this one would probably not be very good. As it turns out, I was correct in my assumptions.

I twisted off the wire cage and popped the cork. It left the bottle with a lot less force than the Chimay cork did, and as such was not quite as exciting. As for the beer, Mort Subite Framboise pours a deep reddish colour and fizzes up a pink head not unlike Pink Champale. The scent is a mix of beer and raspberry, which is essentially what this stuff tastes like. It is very reminiscent of Wildberry wine coolers that were popular among girls in high school, but is far too sweet and fruity for my palate. Michelle tried some and remarked it was not that bad at all, however I doubt she would want to get drunk on it either. I would expect the taste of this to be popular with high school kids, but the import price would likely turn them away to cheaper alternatives for a Friday night party. All in all, it was simply another grande example why it might be advisable to think twice before buying a beer brewed in Belgium.

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