03 January 2009

Sir Perry

When I was in Ireland last spring, I saw a lot of these kinds of drinks for sale in the off-license. While apple cider seemed to be the most popular, there was quite a bit of pear cider available as well. Ironically, I brought this over to Brians the same day he had bought Rekorderlig to review. Both of these are "perries" or pear-cider beverages. However, while Rekorderlig is something that chicks would likely drink way too much of, this is definately something they would most likely avoid.

Years ago when I made a lot of homebrew, I tried my hand at making hard cider. While I can't say I liked it that much, it did not stop Mad Dog Johnny and I from drinking the entire cask in one night. Johnny went home and crashed. In the morning, he woke up and came downstairs into his kitchen. His mother, who was making coffee, asked if he was wearing some kind on new cologne. When he replied he wasn't, and that maybe it was the vinegar from the hot peppers we ate while we were drinking, she replied "no, this is definately alcohol based." The stench from this cider seeped out of his pores, leaving him smelling like a wino for three days. Ever since, neither of us have had the urge to get loaded on cider.

Sir Perry has the same dry taste as that ill-fated homebrew, and I assume would have the same effect. It is dry and bland. It is not offensive, it is just not very good. Michelle, who loved the Rekorderlig, tasted this one and exclaimed "that's yuck!" and Sir Perry became the second beverage to be sinked that night. I suppose suck drinks have their fans, but I think it is a fair assumption that they are about as rare as those who think the Detroit Lions have a shot at the Superbowl next year. This one was a disappointing glass of depression. Don't feed this to your date unless you want her to go home in a cab - alone.


fiveteamer said...

Call me crazy, but I love this stuff.

Steve said...

Maybe I'm crazy too, but Sir Perry is my personal favorite - a full bodied cider with major puckering-power!
It does not seep out your pores...but then again I've never had more than 6 cans in one night.

Anonymous said...

hi im Eric
i only like one beer magichat number 9 and i love this stuff i buy it buy the case most apple cider and dry and nasty this has a plesant taste pple have difrent tast for things im not a beer lover at all but magichat i would drink all the time if i culs get it easy sir perry is my fave drink