04 January 2009

Tetley's English Ale

What is it with English ale? Granted they have a few good ones like Fuller's London Pride and Bass Pale Ale, but they seem to have far more mediocre beers than good ones. Tetley's English Ale would definately fall in the 'mediocre' category. It pours using the "smoothflow" system (similar to Pub Draught Guinness) that creates a smooth creamy head like that you get from draught ale. The dark colour seems to hint at a full flavour, but the taste is simply flat and unremarkable. As Brian stated, it is "bland and grey-tasting, almost like English weather. You could drink this all day if you had to while the rain pours down on the English countryside." However the question remains: why in the hell would you want to?


Ian said...

We should point out that Tetley's is only 3.4% ABV so it's hardly fair to compare it to a Fuller's and while I wouldn't go out of my way to drink one, for such a "light" beer it doesn't have a bad flavour.

mario said...

It may not be the best but I actually had this on tap in Chicago. Did the job for me.

When the tap disappeared, tried looking for it canned. Was disappointing to say the least. But isn't this mostly always the case?

For some reason this place, in the middle of nowhere Chicago had this on tap! Not to be found here ever again.