12 March 2009

Samichlaus Classic

I can honestly say this one is the worst beer I have ever drank. Picked up on an impulse at a Mississauga LCBO, I brought it back to my sister's for an evaluation. Further inspection after chilling the contents found a devastating abv of 14%, and the following on the label:

Samichlaus Bier - Santa Claus Beer. Brewed only once a year on December 6, Samichclaus is aged 10 months before bottling. The beer is perhaps the rarest in the world. Samichclaus may be aged for many years to come. Older vintages become more complex with a creamy warming finish. Serve with hardy robust dishes and desserts, particularly with chocolates or served as an after-dinner drink by itself.

After chilling the brew, we poured it into two glasses. My sister remarked it "looked like Rickard's" and thought it smelled like "normal beer". I also felt it didn't look or smell too bad. However, as we both tasted this one we knew we had made a very bad mistake.

Susie raised the glass and as the dark liquid touched her lips, a look of complete disgust came over her face as she exclaimed "this is the worst beer I have ever tasted!" The flavour was like what caramel-flavoured Dimetapp would taste like, if anyone was nutty enough to concoct such a thing. The flavour sat on the tongue, moved down the palate and the "warming finish" burned all the way to the gullet.

I must admit after tasting this one, a dim memory surfaced of a drunken New Year's Eve from my misspent youth. An old drinking buddy (affectionately known as The Fat Bastard) and I were in the local LCBO when one of their union monkeys saw us eying the imported beers. He pointed to one and suggested we try it. "It's awesome," he said. "The stuff is pretty uncommon. You'll like it. It gets you smashed." We purchased three bottles of it and went to the New Year's party.

Once there, we cracked the beers and with a hearty "Slainte!" we drank deep. However, we both looked at each other with a complete look of disgust on our faces. Keep in mind this was the days when I willingly drank Carling and Seagrams 5 Star (out of necessity more than choice), and was somewhat immune to bad taste. However, this beer slayed us. We agreed this beer was not fit for human consumption, and spent the rest of the night daring unknowing party guests into trying it. As the Samichlaus hit my tastebuds, I remembered it was the same beer we drank at that ill-fated party years ago, and my improved palate hasn't made the experience any more pleasurable. Avoid this one at all costs.


John III said...

Is this German? And what does it cost? Not that I plan on buying the slop, just curious.

Liquor Pig said...

It is Austrian. I believe it was around $3.00 CDN for the bottle. I am going back to the LCBO tonight, so I'll check for you.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

John III said...

Same to you friend! I stuck to my Guiness and Killians last night, nothing crazy. Except the restaurant we went to ran out of Corn beef and cabbage as soon as we ordered...figures..

mantz said...

Since it's the first time I visit your site I honestly have to ask this: This is a joke right?

Samichlauss is a masterpiece of a beer. If you're in any way serious in what you're writing you must have consumed enormous amounts of bad beer to the extent it has destroyed your senses!

P.S. I like the pigs

Anonymous said...

This is a beer that needs to be aged at least 2 years to be enjoyed. The hops and the alcohol taste mellow a bit, I have to admit the sugary tastes stays, but I still find it an exceptional beer.