20 January 2010

Aventinus Eisbock

On occasion, we review a product that is so utterly horrific that it literally defies description. Aventinus Eisbock is a prime example of this. It is brewed by Schneider and Sohn, who also make the very good Schneider Weiss which I am quite fond of. However, this one deserves an epic fail of the brewer's art.

While I cannot remember the specifics of the experience, the beer was very dark and gave of a hideous scent. The flavour was so terrible that I actually forgot to take notes on how bad it was. However, I did manage to write down the following reactions to the experience of actually imbibing this devil's brew:

"This smells really, really bad. I pray for my tastebuds." - Michelle

"Fucking terrible!" - Me

"Ahhhhh... I hate you!" - Brian

Brian literally took one sip, cursed me and grabbed all three glasses to dispose of them in the toilet. As you can see from the spillage, he wasted no time in doing so. What an utterly godawful example of German brewing.

Aventinus Eisbock - Final Score:
Michelle -1
Myself - 1
Brian - 0


John III said...

Just the picture sufficed! ;)

Brian said...

Funny thing is if you go anywhere else online you'll see it has near perfect ratings. Seems like you just don't know a good beer from piss (which does actually belong in the toilet bowl).

Prognar said...

"It didn't taste like miller high life, terrible beer"

Anonymous said...

Maybe you tasted one that was improperly stored or shipped? I know that with beer and wine, many can be ruined by hot overseas shipping containers or by bad storage practices in the store... Personally, speaking as an american who has lived in both Germany and Belgium, I agree with the last two posts. You need to review your review! Ii have tasted this beer many times and have served it to people unfamiliar with it and received incredible feedback -- one of my favorite beers on the planet!

Anonymous said...

The pictured bottle (dusty, scratched, faded label) resembles many on the shelf of a local establishment that I would never go near. A beer poorly stored is a vicious thing. I would guess the bottle you have was not only heated to godawful temperatures, but was "aged" in ways not appropriate for enhancing flavor.