24 April 2009

Hello Kitty Beer

This isn't a review, although if anybody would like to send us some to try, we would willingly accept it with open arms. That's a given with anything though, barring shoe polish, Aquavelva and Labbat's Blue.
Here at Liquor Pig, we are of two minds about Beck's, I am fond of it due to the fact that I cut my teeth on stealing Beck's from my father during my teen years. I find as grown man, I crave what I used to choke down.
While our humble blog's creator did not grow up with Beck's and likens it's taste to the urine that's filling the troughs of any Oktoberfest celebration. To each his own but he's totally wrong about Beck's.

We are in agreement however, that neither of us would be caught dead drinking fricking Hello Kitty Beer at any place but the privacy of our own basements.
I wonder if Beck's plans a macho male equiviliant to this, like one that uses Ultra-Man or that cool guy from Star Blazers. You know, the guy with the G-Force hair...
Link Stolen from Topless Robot


John III said...

Beer gods above, may you strike down this abomination that has tainted the souls of good beer everywhere!

Pipe said...


What's next pink rolling papers?

Beck said...

is it really possible to order this stuff? Yes I want it!! my last name is beck and I'm engaged to a girl named Kitty...how cool is that!