25 April 2009

Stuart's Natural Session Ale

This one comes from our good friends at the Scotch-Irish Brewing Company in Lanark Ontario, brewers of such fine products as John By Imperial Stout and the horrific Corporal's Bitter Brown Ale. This particular brew is described as a flavourful light, refreshing ale brewed in the style of ordinary bitter. The label also has a rendition of Stuart, the Scottie dog this beer is named after. It is a mild amber colour with a decent head and no discernible odour.

Erik, Burke and I poured out three glasses and passed them around. While hesitant after my prior experience with the Corporal, I thought Scotch-Irish Brewing deserved another chance after finding John By to be a drinkable stout. Burke drank first and noted that although bitter, it was a smooth bitter that went down good. Erik also stated it was good and both agreed they could drink six of them with pleasure. I found the beer to be very similar to many English ales I have tried, with slightly more bitterness than most and was much more easy-drinking than even the John By Imperial Stout. After this experience, I look forward to sampling other products from Scotch-Irish Brewing.

In other news, I'd like to announce Liquor Pig's upcoming road trip to Michigan to hopefully find the absolute worst beer the Motor State has to offer. LIQUOR PIG NEEDS YOUR HELP!!! Please send us suggestions for both horrible liquor and local oddities we can poison our livers with while south of the border. We look forward to hearing from you!


gobisbay said...

Any MD 20 will do. I suggest the "Bling" Blue Raspberry, but you can't go wrong (or is that right?) with any "flavour".

Wild Irish Rose is definitely a favourite of the winos, so you may need to ask for that, as it's usually kept behind the counter (for obvious reasons).

As far as beer goes, I'm not really up on Michigan microbrews, but any supermarket (there are Meijer stores everywhere) has a small selection of craft brews from all over the U.S.

John III said...

They did the "Bum Wine" saga awhile back. It's great reading if you go back a ways on this blog. As for micro brews, there are so many around here I wouldn't know where to begin.

Liquor Pig said...

Indeed! Brian's original idea for "An Evening of Bumwine" was the original spark that spawned the alcoholic inferno that is this blog. While I do intend to risk life, limb and sanity with an Irish Rosie review at some point, Brian is pretty adamant on sticking to beer and staying off wino fuel and hard liquor during the actual road trip. When we return however....