27 April 2009

Get Drunk and Vote for me

Liberal aimed to engage voters with free beer

Source: ctvbc.ca

The BC Liberal Party's election campaign was facing more distractions Saturday. This time a well known Liberal politician is being questioned over a controversial poster that was released by his supporters.

The poster indicates that supporters of Kootenay East Liberal candidate Bill Bennett are offering free beer to anyone who comes to a meeting at a local pub.
"We are trying to engage young people,'' he explained. "You have to go where young people are."

Bennett has removed the posters for now, and says he has asked that no free alcohol be served.

He probably would have been handing out Coor's Light, so no big loss.-Brain

1 comment:

John III said...

Hey! I like how you Canucks do your politics. Free beer would rock! Down here in the civilized States we do it with Hookers...