09 August 2011


Liquor Pig is back! There has been a lot going on since I last posted to this blog. First and foremost, I have another partner to review products for this blog (she hereby wishes to be known as the Liquor Piglet) and we have bought a permanent home to host tastings in! We are currently working on a basement bar that (once completed) will be featured prominently in this blog and should prove to be the site of much drunken debauchery.

To kick things off, I will be posting a review of some Japanese sake that Liquor Piglet picked up in Matsu, Japan during a trip she went on in 2005. The bottle was cracked toninght and we did a proper review of its vintage contents. Additionally, we will be posting a review of a can of beer we picked up at the local LCBO tonight and a couple 'mystery beers' we sampled at the Village Pourhouse in Manhattan's East Village last Spring. We certainly hope the wait will worth it and you enjoy the reviews.


The Liquor Pig Crew


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Liquor Pig said...

Your liver has had rest enough. It's high time we got back on the bad booze review bandwagon. Think of the legacy you'll leave your children!